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Capital One-UNO Charter Schools Spring Visit

March 8, 2010

In February, the Capital One-UNO Charter Schools returned for their second visit as part of a literacy enhancement program that begins in the classroom and continues in the museum. This spring teachers read new books aloud and brought more images into the classroom to expose the children to other treasures within the Ogden’s collection. The PreK focused on color and read the book Little Blue, Little Yellow, while the Kindergarten learned about collections and found objects in the book The Room of Wonders, and lastly the First grade learned about the artist, Clementine Hunter, in the book Art From Her Heart. While at the museum, students engaged in activities related to the book and the art that was being viewed.

PreK: An Introduction to Color

Using transparent geometric shapes in primary colors to create a work of art

Using scarves to mimic color in a painting

Kindergarten: Collections

Looking at Jeffrey Cook's construction, Makin' of a Melody, before using found objects to make their own art

A Collection of everyday objects put together by a Kindergarten group

First Grade: The World of Clementine Hunter

Discussing a Clementine Hunter work

Creating art from cotton

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