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From the Eyes of an Intern: Part Two

July 30, 2012

Additionally, we have immersed ourselves in other museums and galleries of the Central Business District. We first went across the street to the Contemporary Arts Center to view the exhibit, “Space: Antenna, The Front, Good Children Gallery.” We were fascinated by the modern art, and the pieces certainly challenged our VTS skills.

“What do you see?”

“A bunch of toilet plungers.”

“Why do you say that?” and that ‘why’ question really enabled us to discover the intense message that such a simple object could produce.

A few weeks later we went down to the galleries on Julia Street. We particularly enjoyed the photography. Perhaps our most cherished visit thus far however has been to the K & B building to get a private tour of Sydney Besthoff’s vast art collection. Led by Mr. Besthoff and his daughter, Jane Steiner, we viewed their truly unique body of work, which included realism photography, wild clocks and mirrors, modern sculptures, and much more. Most of the collection is from New York, however a handful of New Orleans own art decorates the seventh floor too. It was such a joy and a privilege to share Mr. Besthoff’s passion and to learn about the art of collecting.

ImageAfter a wonderful visit at the K & B building (imaged above), we went to the New Orleans Museum of Art. We traveled from room to room, impressed particularly by the permanent contemporary collection. What a joy to see Picassos, Krasners, and Dubuffets up close and personal! In addition, we were enchanted by Gustave Blache III’s Leah Chase series. We felt the intimacy of all of his pieces and were even so tempted to eat at Dooky Chase later that day. 

We finished our tour of NOMA by taking a walk through the Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Attached are a few photos of our favorite pieces.


–Cameron Lyon, Summer Intern, Duke University

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