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Words from an Intern, In Focus: Photo Camp 2012 Part I

August 3, 2012

The Ogden Museum was thrilled to welcome the last camp of the summer sessions, Photography. Our thirteen young artists began the week with a perusal through a photographic library of sorts. After discussing the books and images, it was straight to the lens. We took them on a photographic scavenger hunt in a nearby park, looking for moods, compositions, or items on the list. Capturing these objects with their cameras was a great way to explore the machine itself and how we see the world. The students also gained a chance to experiment with an alternative photographic process by making sun prints. They were able to make these prints using objects gathered during the scavenger hunt.

During the first week, our fresh photogs studied the works of essential photographers to grasp ideas such as emotion and the way light can change an image. We then set out to a local cemetery, cameras in hand, to further delve into these ideas. The students became very aware of not only the dynamics of light, but they became interested in texture as well. They enjoyed discovering the juxtapositions between new and old, or organic and man-made.

Critiques became a staple for our group. Talking about the different aspects of their peers’ images in regards to what worked or lacked was an important way to grow themselves in their own work.  So before we let them off for the weekend, they couldn’t get away without an assignment: Think about the most important or significant moment in your life thus far and how you would represent that in an image. Creative solutions are sure to come!

Samantha Spahr, Summer Intern, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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