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Words from an Intern, In Focus: Photo Camp 2012 Part II

August 3, 2012

After a weekend break it was time to ease the students back into the daily grind. Stretching our legs over to the French Quarter, the students continued to study by way of street photography. Still keeping in mind the elements already learned, they were introduced to utilizing aperture and shutter speeds. Exploring these concepts to reach a desired outcome was a highlight of the day.

The next morning opened with a presentation of influential portrait photographers in relation to their homework. Talking about the work of Annie Leibovitz , Diane Arbus, and Cindy Sherman,  the young photographers were ready to set out to our next destination: Audubon Park.  The students worked in pairs trying to capture the others’ personality. As teenagers do, much fun was also to be had with swings and playthings amidst!

Having collected a nice library of images, the learning artists submitted their best sample of photographs to put up for critique. The students took time to review their fellow contemporaries’ works in hopes to aid in decisions of final pieces to be presented in the upcoming exhibition.

We took a day to explore the personalities and moments that shaped the young photographers. Searching through the nearby streets, they discovered creative ways to portray themselves through Self-Portraiture. They learned much about the importance of doing what you can to get the shot you desire. The products were surprising, whimsical, and even a little thought provoking.

Our time together came to a close with one last field trip to the Gallery of Fine Photography. Back at the Ogden, they made their final selections and decided which pieces would be showcased in the exhibition. To see what images make the wall, join us for White Linen Night at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Saturday August 4, 6-9pm.

Hope to see you there!

Samantha Spahr, Summer Intern, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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